The Puritan Conference was started in December, 1950, by Dr Lloyd-Jones and Dr J.I. Packer, as a study group of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical Research. It was first held in the Church Parlour at Westminster Chapel, with about thirty attending.


Extract from unpublished notes on "True Conversion"

We read in Mark 12:34 of the scribe who answered Christ wisely, who was declared by the Lord to be not far from the kingdom of God. He was near the Lord spiritually. This whole concept of being near the Lord is clearly presented to us in the Old Testament.


"Let Conscience Speak"

Every human being has a conscience, but the way in which it operates varies immensely. There are several opinions as to what precisely conscience is. It is fashionable to regard conscience as nothing more than man's natural response to the ethical standards which surround him as he grows up.